New Year 2020-2021 Pinhole Cards Exchange

The entry process is a bit basic old school(lol) but it worked last year so I am trying to tweak it each year to improve it.

#1 Send me an email to the following address:

#2 Please include the following information in the email:

#3 Please enter in the email "Subject Line": 2020-21 Holiday Pinhole Swap

#4 In the Email Body: Print your email address like the following example so everyone knows where line breaks are in your address
Your Full Name,///Mailing Address,///Country///[full postal address]

I will hand post your information to the List Page within 2 days at the latest. Please double check your info to be sure I didn't make a mistake entering your information or you had a typo or left something out.(I do stuff like that more and more these days! lol

You can see the posted names if you access the List Page by clicking here; Participant List Page